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Can you match the tile patterns? Just flip your tiles in the correct order...

Match the computer's tile patterns in this board-style puzzle game by flipping over the tiles surrounding your cursor in the correct order.
While starting out very easy and simple, the 50 levels quickly become increasingly challenging and will require quite a bit of forethought, experimenting and skill to be solved. Each level can be selected and played independently from the previous ones, also giving you the chance to test your skills on more difficult levels early on.

FlipIt! is an exiting board-style puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours. Available for a large number of cellphones, everyone has the chance now to give in to their puzzle passion.
Whether you want to play the levels sequentially increasing the difficulty one step at a time, or whether you want to jump right into the most difficult and challenging levels, the game will always make sure you will have quite a nut to bust

  • 50 levels of game play
  • Increasing level of difficulty
  • Relaxing soundtrack (if supported by the device)
  • Automatic game save
  • Each level accessible at any time
  • Highly addictive gameplay!

Available for a wide variety of Java and BREW enabled mobile phones and display sizes. Also available for Blackberry!

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